Our Cooperativa produce yearly more than 40.000 tones of fruit.

Our main product are Oranges. The different varieties of oranges, allow us to fournish the market nearly all year long, and this way we can give continuity and service to our clients.

We are also working in a fruit center in Los Rosales( Seville). The surface of this fruit center is 32.000 m2, and it is also equiped with the most modern machinery, and there we are working most of our production.

We are members from ANECOOP from 1982 and part of Anecoop, Grupo empresarial, and we sell practically all our production of oranges throught them


During the months of April and May, we sell the production of Nisperos (medlars) of our associates, which is about 2.000 tones.


All the process of production of this product is done manually, since aclarareo to subsequent packaging.

We have increased our offer of products to other fruits (lemons, mandarines, grenades, custard apple, grapefruit, …), stone fruits (avocados, peaches, nectarines, Paraguayans, …), summer fruit (watermelons and melons) and vegetables, to try to provide goods to the market throughout the year.


The red coloured orange Taroco Rosso.